About Craighead

Good to Great Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015

Why Craighead needs to plan

Since its establishment in 1911 Craighead has developed a strong spiritual, academic, physical and cultural tradition as a day and boarding school for girls, promoting the pursuit of excellence in a culture of continuous improvement.

We know from surveys we have conducted and feedback received from the School community that Craighead is a good school, an outstanding school.

The concept of greatness is one of sustainability. It confers an expectation that a well resourced and managed school will consistently deliver desired outcomes to students, their families and the wider community, in what is an ever changing and competitive environment.

The Trustees of the School have worked through the process of formulating this Strategic Plan recognising there are significant challenges ahead, and the need to continually maintain the competitive advantage Craighead currently enjoys.

The attached plan is a blue print for the School and its community, and identifies goals and objectives that will be developed into more specific strategies as part of an annual planning and review process.

Communication of this strategic plan is an important step, to gain commitment from the wider School community for this course of action. In return we the Board will undertake to report back to the School community on a regular basis, measuring our actual progress against the adopted plan.

It is an exciting time to be associated with Craighead as we work to continue to secure and maintain our outstanding position.

Value what we have

Any plan requires a beginning – a foundation to build upon. What makes Craighead different? Why has it survived and been successful for the past 100 years? Craighead’s values are the building blocks. Our values are summarised in our School Motto, our Mission Statement and our Vision.

Mission Statement

Craighead Diocesan School is committed to the pursuit of excellence in all fields of endeavour – spiritual, academic, physical and cultural – with emphasis on the development of each girl within a caring, Christian family atmosphere so that each is well educated, well adjusted, responsible, confident and capable of contributing to society.

Our Vision

Craighead Diocesan School is a special character, day and boarding school with an established reputation for excellence, providing a quality, all round educational experience to empower young women to be confident that they can make a valuable contribution to society.

Coeli Gratia Superabo

(by the grace of heaven I shall overcome)

The school motto reinforces the importance of the Christian faith in guiding our actions.

At Craighead we value:
  • The pursuit of excellence in all fields of endeavour
    so that each Craighead girl can become the very best she can through involvement, commitment and development of an effective work ethic and by persevering in the face of difficulties.
  • Innovation, enquiry and curiosity
    so that by thinking critically, creatively and reflectively each girl becomes independent and is capable of making a positive contribution to society.
  • Integrity
    which involves being honest, responsible, accountable and acting ethically.
  • Our School Community and participation for the common good
    so that by spending her formative years in an empowering, supportive, nurturing community, each girl becomes an educated, caring, capable, young woman with high standards of personal presentation and behaviour.

By developing capable, confident, resilient and independent adults who will speak out on behalf of others, Craighead nurtures Service and Leadership.

  • Diversity
    as found in our different abilities, capabilities, cultures, languages and heritage. Our young women are
    encouraged to understand, appreciate and accept others in the community and world.
  • Equity
    by demonstrating fairness, social justice, and the Christian values fostered at the School.
  • Spirit, humour, courage, joie de vivre and haoura
    through spiritual, intellectual, sporting, cultural and community experiences.
  • Respect
    Craighead girls learn to respect themselves, others, human rights and the environment.
Special Character

The Special Character of Craighead Diocesan School derives from its close association with the Anglican Church and a determination to provide an education for pupils which is based on the philosophy that only in the context of Christian faith and practice can knowledge be completely understood and personality fully developed. The pursuit of excellence is stressed in all fields of endeavour within the school. The school lays great emphasis on the development of each individual child within a family atmosphere.

The Culture of Craighead

Goal: To enhance the Craighead culture for future generations.

Preamble:  Craighead culture

Objectives: Craighead* will

  • provide a quality all-round education in a caring, Christian environment.
  • foster spiritual development through an ethos of Christian beliefs and values gained from RSE and Chapel attendance and special services.
  • support the pursuit of excellence in spiritual, academic, sporting/physical and cultural activities.
  • promote respect for social, cultural and ethnic diversity.
  • encourage leadership contribution by the provision of instruction and leadership opportunities.
  • promote high standards of integrity and attention to personal presentation to develop young women who are empowered to confidently make a valuable contribution to society.

* “Craighead” means the whole Craighead Community

Measurement Criteria: All-round education (also refer to Learning at Craighead)
Spiritual Development will be fostered through the following:

  • compulsory Religious and Social Education in years 7 to 13.
  • compulsory Chapel attendance ie, 7 Sunday services in addition to morning Chapel services on school days.
  • opportunity for baptism and confirmation.

Academic (refer to Learning at Craighead)

Physical, Cultural and Service to others
Physical, cultural and service to others will be achieved through the following aims:

  • 100% students demonstrate participation in at least two extra-curricular activities
  • 95% sports participation.
  • 25% of students gain Young NZ Challenge Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

Respect for social, cultural and ethnic diversity will continue to be fostered through:

  • the inclusion of our International Students in all facets of School life.
  • the attendance at special community events, Marae visits, Mayoral receptions, International days.
  • School based events including Maori language week, International Languages week, activities organised by Global citizens, fundraising for sponsored child, local charities and the like.
  • Developing leadership qualities will be encouraged by attendance at Leadership seminars, addresses by young leaders, Craighead Leadership Day, visits by former students who demonstrate leadership qualities.
  • Opportunities to undertake leadership roles.
  • Providing clearly defined goals etc.

High standards of integrity and attention to personal presentation are supported by:

  • policy
  • School rules and requirements
  • the four C’s – courtesy, co-operation, consideration and common sense

Comment: In achieving the above, the School community must never lose sight of maintaining the girls’ enthusiasm and their enjoyment of attending Craighead Diocesan School.

Learning at Craighead
Living at Craighead
Finance and Marketing
Resources and Environment

Our People

Senior Management Team

Ms Lindy Graham


Mr Wayne Pahl

Deputy Principal

Mrs Elizabeth Brehaut

Deputy Principal


Mrs Gillian Towle

Year 12 & 13 Dean

Mrs Vanessa Mulvihill

Year 11 Dean

Miss Kelly Dawe

Year 9 & 10 Dean

Mrs Sonia Ottley

Year 7 & 8 Dean

Specialist Roles

Reverend Ruth Blair


Mrs Julie McLean

Director of International Students

Mrs Yvonne Thompson

Director of Boarding

Mrs Jo Grace


Mrs Vicky Campbell

Careers Advisor

Christine Sparrow

Bursar Mrs

Mr Michael Laws

Development Manager

Mrs Gillian Owens

Personal Assistant to the Principal/Enrolment Officer

Heads of Department

Art Ms Glenys Parry

Drama Mrs Gillian Towle

Economics & Accounting Mrs Sue Reeves

English Mrs Margaret Foley

Geography Mrs Jude McKenzie

Languages Mrs Heidi Schreiber

Mathematics Mr Brent Soper

Music Mrs Vicki McLeod

Physical Education & Sport Mr Allan Faith

Science Mrs Elizabeth Brehaut

Technology Ms Katy Whelan

Our Board of Trustees

The Craighead Diocesan School Board of Trustees is made up of various people; we have Parent Representatives, as well as representatives from our Board of Proprietors, a student and a teaching staff representative. As an Integrated school, the Board of Trustee’s main responsibility lies with governance of curriculum delivery. Obviously, the day-to-day management responsibility lies with our highly capable Principal and Senior Management Team.

As Parent Representatives on the Board, we represent all parents and it is vital that we have the opportunity to express your views. To do so, we need to know what they are. Please feel free to contact any one of us at any time.

Mrs Andrea LeslieBOT Chairman

Mrs Andrea Leslie

Chairman Elected Parent Representative

My Story

I have lived in South Canterbury for almost all of my life, with time out for university, I feel very fortunate to live in such a great region. My husband, Warren and I farm a sheep and beef property just west of Cave. We have a son, Jack, who attends Timaru Boys High School and a daughter, Emma who is attending Craighead. Currently, I am employed by Aoraki Polytechnic in my role as Primary Portfolio Manager. In my spare time, I love supporting the children in their sporting and cultural endeavours and thoroughly enjoy spending time in my garden and with my several dogs. Along with this, I have continued my studies completing a Master’s degree at Lincoln University.

It is a real honour to be elected as Chairman of the Craighead Diocesan School Board of Trustees. Over the years, I have always held Craighead in the highest esteem and I feel privileged to be part of it.

Dr Jennifer McGechie

Deputy Chairman Elected Parent Representative

My Story

This is my second term on the Craighead BOT.  My daughter, Eleanor attended Craighead and is now studying at Victoria University.  I am proud to be a part of our excellent school and to represent parents on the Board.  I am particularly interested in improving the self-review processes in the School and the means by which we seek comment from the School Community.  I welcome discussion and feedback from parents.

Mr Philip Howe

Elected Parent Representative


My Story

I work at the South Canterbury Museum as Museum Director, a position I have held for a number of years. I am married to Barbara and we have three daughters, Emily (22), Sophie (17) and Charlotte (12). I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Craighead Board of Trustees, and look forward to participating in the on-going operation and development of the school over the next couple of years. 

Mrs Michelle Kelly

Selected Parent Representative

My Story
I am excited to be one of the newest members of the Craighead BOT. I have been on the Waimataitai School BOT for the past 5 years. I am passionate about student achievement & learning and believe that all students have the right to learn. I am also interested in the building & property part of the BOT. I work in our own Property Management business Timaru Rentals. My husband, Ned and I have two daughters; Kate, Year 10 at Craighead, and Lisa in Year 8 at Waimataitai. I enjoy meeting new people, car racing, watching the kids sports & reading.

Mr Brian Rae

Selected Parent Representative

My Story

I am 45 years old and live with my wife Sarah at Waitohi on a small farm running sheep and cattle.

We have two daughters Leah (16) and Melissa (15) who both attend Craighead school.

Currently I hold directorships with Solaray Technology Ltd, Wild berry Café Ltd, Riverstone Blue Media Ltd.

I am also on the board of ADBT a CCO of the Timaru District Council and a member of the Institute of Directors.

I am currently the Commodore of the Lake Tekapo Power Boat and Water ski club.

Along with my wife, Sarah, we run Solaray Technology Ltd, supplying and installing on grid and off grid solar power systems

Reverend John Hayhoe

BOP Representative

My Story
For the last 10 years I have been the Vicar of Geraldine having moved from England. Before being ordained into the Anglican Church I served in the British Army as an officer in the Greandier Guards for seventeen years retiring as a major. I then spent ten years in construction and have an honours degree in construction management.

I have been on the boards of two other schools, one in England and another in Geraldine,and am now one of the Diocesan representatives on the Board of Proprietors (BOP), and am the BOP representative on the Board of Trustees.

I have four children of whom Ruth (13) joined Craighead in 2014 in Year 7. I am married to Kathryn who, in addition to being a long-suffering vicar’s wife, is a busy self employed midwife.

Mrs Phillipa Guerin

Board of Proprietors’ Chairman BOP Representative

My Story

I live at Burkes Pass with my husband and four children. I am an Old Girl of Craighead and a past President of the Craighead Old Girls Association.

I am very proud to be sitting on the BOT as Chairman of the BOP, passionate about Craighead, and the ideals it offers. I am always willing to listen to any comments you have about our School.

Miss Megan McKenzie

Student BOT Representative

My Story

I came to Craighead as a Year 9 Boarder, and in my time here I have given most things a go including Netball, Touch, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Cross Country and Athletics.  I have also been on the Student Council, Boarding House Council and Sports Committee.  I have represented the School in South Island Touch, Netball and Athletics which have all been great experiences.  Through these opportunities, I have made many close friends and have made some of my best memories. One thing Craighead has taught me is to take up every opportunity offered and give everything a go.

Now elected as the School Student Representative on the Board of Trustees I am experiencing being part of a Board and seeing how a Board is run. Being the student voice is something that I am very excited about.  This experience is something I think I will find very useful in life, and having the chance to voice the girls’ ideas and opinions is something I am passionate about.

Mr Alastair Townshend

Staff BOT Representative

My Story

Alastair joined our Craighead staff in January 2010 and this will be his second term as the BOT Staff Representative. Alastair is a teacher of Science, Chemistry and Physics. He and his wife, Kirsty have two daughters who currently attend Craighead.

Ms Lindy Graham


Mr Wayne Pahl

Deputy Principal

Mrs Christine Sparrow


Mrs Gillian Owens

BOT Secretary

Our Board of Proprietors

The Board of Proprietors has responsibility for the day to day running of the Boarding House and for ensuring the continuation of the Special Character of Craighead under its Integration Agreement. The Board owns the land and buildings and is responsible for the maintenance and development of the property. The Bishop of Christchurch is the Warden of Craighead. Meetings of the Board are not public, but any member of the Board may be approached with your concerns or queries.

Introducing our Board:

Mrs Phillipa Guerin 
Board Chairman Old Girls’ Representative

Ms Lindy Graham 

Mr Mark Hawkins 
Deputy Chairman Co-opted

Revd. John Hayhoe 
Synod Representative

Mr Simon Davenport 
Parents’ and Friends’ Association

Mr Keith McRobie

Mrs Andrea Leslie  
Board of Trustees Chairman

Dr William Rolleston 
Archdeaconry Representative

Mrs Jane Fuller
Archdeaconry Representative

Mrs Pauline Geddes
Synod Representative

Mrs Wendy Taggart
Parents’ and Friends’ Association

Mrs Teresa Templeton 
Parents’ and Friends’ Association

Mrs Margaret Turley

Mr Ross Wells 
Synod Representative

Mrs Christine Sparrow 
Board Secretary, In Attendance

Our Community

Craighead Old Girls’ Association

Craighead Old Girls’ Association (COGs) is run by a voluntary committee representing over 4000 Old Girls.

COGs enables past pupils to stay in touch with class mates and connection with our School. COGs have compiled a database of past pupils which allows us to provide information upon request to Old Girls wanting addresses for class reunions, contacts for Old Girls in their area or contacts for Old Girls overseas. The association has active branches in different parts of New Zealand and Old Girl contacts around the world, offering:

  • Information on events happening i.e. year group reunions, School events, productions etc.
  • fellowship within the Craighead family past and present
  • the opportunity to renew and continue friendships from your school days
  • continuing contact with Craighead Diocesan School and news of the school
  • links with the branches throughout New Zealand
  • avenues to continue supporting Craighead now and in the future
  • an our annual newsletter

With the technology we have available to us today the focus of the Old Girls’ Association is about staying connected. We work on rekindling those friendships made during school days, helping Old Girls to stay in contact, keeping the Craighead family spirit alive.


  • Membership is open to all students who attended Craighead Diocesan School.
  • A Life Membership Subscription is $150.
  • For current students at Year 9 wishing to become a Life member when they finish Craighead, can have the amount of $7.50 a term added to their school account, which over the period of 5 years will be paid in full.

If you did not take up the opportunity whilst at school to become a Life Member and would like to, please complete the online membership form.




Founders Day Service & COGs’ AGM

SUNDAY 24 MAY 10.00 AM
Chapel Service at 10am followed by morning tea.
AGM at 11.30am

The Great Craighead Wine Tasting & Auction

Outstanding wine critic and columnist, Joelle Thomson is to join us on this evening.

Black Tie Casino Evening

Our major fundraising event – diary this date for a fun filled evening

Craighead Golf Day

A Golf day to round off the years’ fundraising activities.
Starting at 4pm for a Twilight 9 hole event and finishing
with a social hour


Founders Day Service & COGs’ AGM

SUNDAY 24 MAY 10.00 AM
Chapel Service at 10am followed by morning tea.
AGM at 11.30am

The Great Craighead Wine Tasting & Auction

Outstanding wine critic and columnist, Joelle Thomson is to join us on this evening.

Black Tie Casino Evening

Our major fundraising event – diary this date for a fun filled evening

Craighead Golf Day

A Golf day to round off the years’ fundraising activities.
Starting at 4pm for a Twilight 9 hole event and finishing
with a social hour

If you have any news of Craighead Old Girls that you would like included in our annual newsletter or you have changed your contacts / address then please email us at: admin@craighead.school.nz

or write to: Craighead Old Girls’ Association, Craighead Diocesan School, Wrights Avenue, TIMARU 7910.


Founders Day Service & COGs’ AGM

SUNDAY 24 MAY 10.00 AM
Chapel Service at 10am followed by morning tea.
AGM at 11.30am

The Great Craighead Wine Tasting & Auction

Outstanding wine critic and columnist, Joelle Thomson is to join us on this evening.

Black Tie Casino Evening

Our major fundraising event – diary this date for a fun filled evening

Craighead Golf Day

A Golf day to round off the years’ fundraising activities.
Starting at 4pm for a Twilight 9 hole event and finishing
with a social hour

If you have any news of Craighead Old Girls that you would like included in our annual newsletter or you have changed your contacts / address then please email us at: admin@craighead.school.nz

or write to: Craighead Old Girls’ Association, Craighead Diocesan School, Wrights Avenue, TIMARU 7910.

If you have any news of Craighead Old Girls that you would like included in our annual newsletter or you have changed your contacts / address then please email us at: admin@craighead.school.nz

or write to: Craighead Old Girls’ Association, Craighead Diocesan School, Wrights Avenue, TIMARU 7910.

2015 Committee

Patron Patsy Mckenzie
President Juliet Shallard
Secretary Pip Harrison
Treasurer Caroline Goslin

Committee Amelia Dale, Rebecca Dobbs, Ann Johnston, Phillipa Guerin, Sara Rowley, Vicky Steven, Liz Munro.

Branch Information

Please contact the appropriate person below if you are interested in catching up with Old Girls in these areas:

Christchurch Branch

Ruth Cooper
Ph 03 351 4478

Nelson Branch 

We have a list of about 20 Craighead Old Girls in the Nelson/Tasman area.

Rosemary Bygate
Home: 03 5485536.
Mob: 027 2265599

Wanaka Branch

40 COGs living in the area who meet for lunch once a year.

Gail Cooke

If you would like to set up an COGs branch in your area, please contact:

SUNDAY 24 MAY 10.00 AM Chapel Service at 10am followed by morning tea. AGM at 11.30am
Parents’ & Friends’ Association

Parents and Friends are involved in a variety of social and fundraising activities which aim to support the special character and values of Craighead, whilst promoting open communication between the school and parents/caregivers.

Meetings: Advertised in the school newsletter calendar

Keep informed with reports from:

  • Ms Lindy Graham, Principal
  • Board of Proprietors
  • Board of Trustees

Opportunity to:

  • Meet other parents in a relaxed, informal setting
  • Find out what is happening around the school
  • Ask questions
  • Share ideas
  • Become involved in the future of your daughter’s education

We offer practical and financial support as required and have been involved in the following events & fundraisers:

  • Grandparents Afternoon Tea
  • Open Day and Inauguration Day
  • Motivational Speakers
    • Amy Scott
    • Katrina Darry
  • Hosting of International Students from Hong Kong
  • School Ball
  • Variety Show
  • Hat and Hair

Parents and Friends have helped and supported the school community over the last few years with:

  • 5 Hexagonal picnic tables
  • 5 Bean bags
  • 4 House Banners
  • $10,000 towards furnishing the new year 13 common room
  • $10,000 towards the new school van
  • 2 Microwaves
  • $9,500 towards concreting the pool area

Chairperson: Teresa Templeton
021 863 665

Vice Chairperson: Pippa Goodwin
027 426 0992

Treasurer: Carolyn Lyttle
021 377 389

Secretary: Lynne Porter
021 2074 650

Representatives from Parents and Friends on the Board of Proprietors:
Simon Davenport,
Teresa Templeton,
Wendy Taggart

From Our Beginning


The story of Craighead begins with a House. In 1875 local surveyor built a substantial home for his family on what was then the outskirts of Timaru. Fifteen years later Henry Le Cren purchased the property and named it “Craighead” after a castle owned by his brother-in-law in Scotland.

In 1910 four sisters in Dunedin heard the property was on the market and they saw it as ideal for their dream of establishing a Girls School.

The Shand sisters Eleanor, Fanny, Elizabeth and Anna, opened Craighead School in May 1911 with the expressed aim “to give such a liberal education on modern lines as will be best fitted to train the intellectual, artistic and moral faculties, to develop the character and ultimately to produce refined, cultured and capable young women”. The school began with a roll of six boarders and 11 day girls.

From small beginnings the school has flourished, becoming an Anglican Church school at the end of 1926 when the Shand sisters retired from teaching.

The school has always had strong community and this was evident in 1939 when Old Girls and the local community raised the funds to build a school swimming pool which is still in use today. The need for a chapel in an Anglican school was evident and again the strength of the school community led to the building of the Chapel of St Anthony of Padua in 1948.

Craighead integrated into the state system in 1981, while retaining its Christian ethos. The success of the school placed increased demand for students to attend so a new boarding wing was opened in 1991 and in 1993 Years 7 and 8 were reintroduced to Craighead. Further developments in the 21st century have included a separate music suite, an auditorium and another boarding wing in 2014.

Today the school can cater up to 380 pupils, but still retains the “Craighead family” atmosphere of its humble beginnings. The 21st century has not changed the Shand sisters’, or Craighead’s, goal of turning students into capable young women.

Our History Archives

Craighead has an extensive collection of memorabilia relating to its history from 1911. Amongst its records are photographs, movies, student work, uniforms and school magazines.

The items are stored in a purpose built room and are used in some class work and of course class reunions. Donations of photographs, memorabilia and written reminiscences are always gratefully received.

The school appointed an archivist in 2005 to manage the collection. The archivist can be contacted on archives@craighead.school.nz or through the school office. Gradually the photograph collection is being digitized which will make access even easier in the future.

The school archives exist as a repository of the stories of those who are part of the Craighead family. As each year passes more records are created and so more needs to be retained.

Visitors are always welcome, by appointment.

Our Student Leaders

Abbey Lang

Sports Captain

My Story
When I started at Craighead in Year 9, I had no idea of the opportunities ahead. In my first year I tried out for the Basketball, Volleyball, Touch and Netball teams, not knowing that in a few years time I would be the School leader of not only these sports, but all sporting activities at Craighead.

Craighead has allowed me to reach my full potential, not only in sport, but it has also enhanced my hauora. The school has given me so much assistance throughout my sporting endeavours, so I’ve tried to give back by coaching the Junior A Basketball team, a Junior Volleyball team, and by acting as referee for Basketball games. I look forward to the year ahead and making the most of my role as Sports Captain.

Antonia Post

Cultural Leader

My Story
I came to Craighead half way through Year 10, after spending seven years at school in Germany. It wasn’t easy joining a school in a different country but the girls made me feel right at home and I soon made lots of friends.

I came to New Zealand because I wanted to experience a New Zealand education, which Craighead has given me in the many opportunities the school offers. I have been able to participate in numerous extra curricular activities including Chorale, Choir, Debating and a variety of sports. As Cultural Leader for 2015, I wish to help develop Craighead’s cultural side and hope that my experience with different cultures will help me in this endeavor. I am looking forward to working along side Charlotte Hargest-Slade this year and believe that we will be a great team.

Charlotte Hargets-Slade

Deputy Cultural Leader

My Story
Upon coming to Craighead as a Year 9 student in 2011, I did not know what to expect from this newfound experience. Everything was slightly nerve-wracking, from the teachers, to the new set of rules, not to mention the utterly grown up Year 13 students. Looking back now, it seems silly as I make my way around school chatting to teachers while still feeling just as young now as I did at the fresh age of thirteen.

Over the last four years, Craighead has accommodated, supported and pushed me to succeed in every possible way, through opportunities such as being a part of and coaching sports teams, or cultural aspects like being involved in performing arts, as well as being given all that I need to succeed and achieve my best in my education and work ethic. Overall, Craighead’s encouragement and sense of community has helped me to flourish over the years as a person and meet many life long friends and teachers whom I cherish.

I am humbled to have a lead role this year and excited to help to guide many young girls to learn and mature just as past leaders helped me. Cultural Leader, Antonia Post and I, hope to make our mark on Craighead by developing cultural aspects of our school, such as kapa haka, and increasing cultural activity surrounding the arts. I am thoroughly looking forward to the year to come and hope it will be a positive and successful year for all.

Chelsea Turner

Performing Arts Leader

My Story
I came to Craighead following in my two older sisters’ footsteps in 2011 as a Year 9 student, full of enthusiasm and excitement. Ever since then, I have fully thrown myself into many of the opportunities that Craighead offers, especially in the performing arts. For many years, I have been passionate about being on stage and Craighead has taught and supported me through this journey. This has made me the confident person I am today. Since attending Craighead, I have been involved with productions, stage challenges, Choir, Shakespeare, kapa haka and minor sport teams and coaching. I fully encourage students to take all the opportunities that are offered here at Craighead for the experiences, skills and friends that they will gain from them.

I was thrilled to hear that I was going to be Performing Arts leader this year at Craighead, alongside Jung, also working with Mrs McLeod and Mrs Towle, both of whom I have great respect. This year, I want to leave a special mark on the School through my role, and give back to the School in recognition of everything I’ve been given during my time at Craighead. I want to encourage all girls to get behind the performing arts events and groups to make sure they leave with as many fond memories, skills and friends that I have gained.

Ellie Lott

Deputy Sports Captain

My Story
Becoming Deputy Sports Captain for 2015 was something I could never have imagined when I first stepped into the grounds of Craighead seven years ago. Sports here at Craighead have been a part of my everyday life, from Rugby to Table Tennis and everything in between. I look forward to the challenges of this year, and I also look forward to supporting Abbey Lang with her role of Head Sport Captain of 2015.

During my time at Craighead I have been lucky enough to be a part of the Boarding House—this has enabled me to experience many aspects that school sport has to offer. These include both Touch Rugby and Rugby which I have come to enjoy immensely. I have been lucky enough to represent the school in various regional and South Island tournaments for these sports. I have always enjoyed the family atmosphere that the Craighead sport teams offer—it makes training and playing a lot of fun and keeps me eager to keep going. I hope to fulfill my role this year with great enthusiasm and satisfaction, alongside Abbey, and I look forward to a very full year ahead.

Emma Harrison

Deputy Head Boarder

My Story
Becoming Deputy Head Boarder was not something I could have anticipated at the beginning of my Craighead journey as a Year 9 student. My first night in the boarding house was one I would never forget. The friends I made from the start have supported me throughout the past four years and I am looking forward to spending my last year in my role with them all at my side.

During my time at Craighead, I have been offered many amazing opportunities, especially in the sporting aspects of the school. This includes Rowing which has been a major part of my life at Craighead. I have always enjoyed representing my school and being part of a family-like environment in a sport I love. I have also participated in other sports at Craighead such as Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, and Touch Rugby.

The Craighead Boarding House offers a home away from home, and I hope as Deputy Head Boarder alongside the Head Boarder, Estelle Arundell, I will be able to lead with the enthusiasm that I have been surrounded by for the past four years. I hope to take all the new challenges in my stride, and I plan to take the skills I will gain from being a leader as I move on next year.

Estelle Arundell

Head Boarder 2015

My Story
I can still remember my first day, climbing the stairs to the boarding house at the beginning of year 7, more than 6 years ago. I was very nervous but excited about the homely boarding environment that seemed so foreign to me in the beginning, though one that I would become very familiar with in the coming years.

Now in Year 13, I am grateful for all the skills that being a boarder has given me, for they are skills that will greatly help me in my leadership role this year. During my time at Craighead I have been able to really extend myself beyond my school studies through a range of extracurricular activities, such as Touch, Choir and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award Scheme. The start of the year has been a busy one in my role as Head Boarder, as I have helped to settle in the new students and I am getting to know them well. The boarders’ weekend in was a lot of fun as the girls were able to participate in many activities that helped them to engage with the older students in the boarding house. I am enjoying the responsibilities and challenges of my leadership role, and I hope I will be a supportive role model for the younger students.

Lily McFarlane

Deputy Head Girl 2015

My Story
Merely two months ago, I was informed that I would have the honour of representing Craighead as Deputy Head Girl. Fast forward to the present moment and I am thriving in my role; the opportunity to converse and engage with many different groups around the school is something I am thoroughly enjoying. To work alongside Sophie at a time of innovation and ambition in the Craighead community is something I could not have fathomed at the beginning of our high school careers as a timid, anxious Year 7.

Through the years, I have been able to take my schooling beyond just academia while meeting a multitude of inspiring people along the way, many who have helped me on my journey. The support of Staff and, first and foremost, my peers, has made every year to date an enthralling and satisfying one. Participation in sports such as Touch, Football and Rugby has kept me endlessly involved and granted me the opportunity to display leadership and learn from team environments, a skill I believe to be pivotal in the my newfound role.

As the year begins to move into full swing, I excitedly await the challenges and successes it brings while making the most of my last year as part of this family. Craighead’s true character comes from its students and that is something I hope to actively exploit as I work with Sophie to pave the way for future school leaders and create a lasting memory for myself.

Sophie Howe

Head Girl 2015

My Story
At Craighead, there are numerous opportunities we can take up to challenge and extend ourselves. Though our school is quite small by comparison, this in turn offers a close knit family environment where everyone is firmly supported by both staff and fellow students. I have always felt that at Craighead, taking risks, aiming high and working hard are the aspects that are most strongly encouraged. This is reflected in our outstanding academic and co-curricular achievements. It is the supportive atmosphere that has always made me feel as though I can try new things without worrying about failure, as I know everyone is there for me.

When I found out I would be Head Girl for 2015, it was an overwhelming and surreal moment. From beginning in Year 7, I have always looked up to and respected the previous Head Girls. It is hard for me to believe that my name will sit underneath theirs in the years to come. The transition from being an ordinary student at Craighead to the Head Girl of the school has been something I couldn’t have anticipated. Everyone, from the students, staff, and even members of the public now know who I am. While at first this was a little daunting, I feel very honoured to be the face of Craighead, a school I am so proud to attend. Growing up at Craighead, I had thought the Head Girl seemed as if she had never been more ready for the role and looked as if she always knew what she was doing. Now being in the same position I realise that they, too, would have felt like me; sometimes a little unsure of what to do, while at the same time trying to figure out what I am able to bring to the table to make a difference in the school.
I have loved being a part of the Craighead family over the past six years and it is an honour to spend my final year here as the Head Girl. While I am unsure of what I will do when I leave school at the end of this year, I know the challenges and experiences of this role will help to prepare me for any career path I may choose.